Virtual Desktop Manager for Microsoft® Windows
version 18.0

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This is a shareware program. You may try it for a period of one month. After that all the navigation features "expire". To be able to use the full-featured product afterwards you must purchase a usage license - that is register goScreen. The product is licensed, not sold to you. Upon registration you will be given a unique license key that "unlocks" the program and prevents it from expiring in the future. That is, you will be using the same program after the registration.

Click here     to download setup_goScreen_web.exe (WEB installer, 176KB, version
    To install goScreen, run setup_goScreen_web.exe, select Install, and follow the instructions. This will install 64 or 32 bits version, depending on your operating system.

Click here     to download setup_goScreen.exe (self-extracting ZIP archive, 4.79MB, version
    To install goScreen, run setup_goScreen.exe, select Install, and follow the instructions. This will install 64 or 32 bits version, depending on your operating system.

Click here     to download goScreen.zip (ZIP archive, 3.21MB, version, 64 bits).
Click here     to download goScreen32.zip (ZIP archive, 1.42MB, version, 32 bits).
    To install goScreen, unzip the distribution package, run gsSetup.exe, select Install, and follow the instructions.

To change the language of the user interface, open the Properties dialog box, in the Configuration pane, select a language on the Language drop-down list, then press OK button. The language changes only after you close the Properties dialog window.

    Problems during installation?
  • You start Setup and see the following message: "Windows protected your PC. Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. More info".
        -- Click "More info", then click "Run anyway".
  • You start Setup and see the following message: "Search for app in the Store?"
        -- Click "No".
  • You start Setup, Windows asks for an admin password, but you do not know or do not want to give it.
        -- Download one of the ZIP archives, unzip it and run gsSetup.exe.
  • Your antivirus software does not allow you to run gsSetup.exe because "there is not enought information about this program".
        -- Note, "not enought information" does not mean it is infected, it means nothing at all. Download one of the ZIP archives, right-click it in Windows Explorer and click Properties menu item. At the bottom of General tab you will see the following notification: "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer". Check Unblock checkbox next to it and click OK, unzip the archive then and run gsSetup.exe.

Support goScreen.

Upgrades of goScreen are free for registered individual users. Still, every once in a while I hear from people who have used goScreen for many years already, they like it very much and they cannot imagine working without it. They would be willing to support the project somehow. THANK YOU for loving goScreen.

If you want to make a donation, you can do it by clicking here (any amount would be greatly appreciated):

Download free edition.

Versions 16.0, 17.0 and 18.0 are not available as a free edition.

Free edition has limited set of features - exactly the same as expired shareware edition, and also never reminds you that it "has expired". You should never register it and may use it as is, indefinitely.

What exactly is missing:

  • goScreen has 4 screen pages only;
  • there is no keyboard hot keys, and no mouse shortcuts;
  • there is no application window management rules;
  • it is impossible to export or import configuration settings, or transfer them from one page to another.

Click here     to download setup_free_goScreen.exe (self-extracting ZIP archive, 4.71MB, version
    To install goScreen, run setup_free_goScreen.exe, select Install, and follow the instructions.

System requirements.

Any version of Microsoft® Windows from Windows NT to Windows 11, mouse or any other pointing device, 10MB of disk space.

GoScreen itself does not consume a lot of computer resources. It helps you work with other applications trying to remain as unobtrusive as possible. Still, in order to be able to run a number (10, or 20, or 100?) of other applications at once your computer should be powerful enough.

Please note, this release does not support Windows 95, 98 and ME. If you need a build that runs on one of these operating systems, please contact me.

goScreen antivirus report at download3k.com Download GoScreen

Translations into other languages brought to you by

Dutch - Ad Vermolen
Estonian - Birgy Lorenz
French - Bertrand Belot, Nicolas Perrin
German - Gerhard Petrowitsch, Axel Janßen, Wolfgang Brodowski
Italian - Tfr, David Hadley, Claudio Duranti
Norwegian - Frank Davidsen, Ann Decock
Portuguese - Hugo Sousa
Russian - Andrei Gourianov
Serbian Latin - Ivan Stambolić
Spanish - Javier Civera

Distibution package also includes incomplete translations into the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish.

They come in the form of text files in goScreen installation directory. If you want to translate one or two lines, or maybe even complete the translation, please edit the text and send it to me.

Stay tuned.

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