Virtual Desktop Manager for Microsoft® Windows

Instructional videos

See goScreen in action

Page selector

Page selector window shows screenshots of all screen pages - the way they were when you left them. This gives an overview of all currently running applications on all screen pages. Clicking on a screenshot activates corresponding page.

Page transition effects

It is fun.

Window layout management operations

Say for instance, you are working on a specific task having several application windows open at the same time. While working with one document, you need another one, which is "somewhere here" - covered by other windows. How to find it?


GoScreen relocates all windows on the current screen page so they are all visible. When you find the window you need, just click on it. All windows return to their previous positions, while the window you just clicked becomes the active one, and at the very top of the stack.


GoScreen arranges application windows from lower left to upper right corner of the desktop. As a result, upper left corner of each window - one that containes window icon and title - stays visible regardless of which application is currently active. This makes it much easier to work with several applications (documents) at the same time.


While Uncover moves real windows and tries hard to not to resize them, Expose manipulates thumbnails.

Look through

GoScreen makes the top level window semi-transparent. If you invoke this command again, the next window becomes transparent, and so on. Once you see the window you need, click on it. This window becomes active and goes to the top of the window stack. All other windows become opaque again.

Show desktop

What if in the middle of working on something, while having a dozen of documents open at the same time, you need to access an item on the desktop - to open yet another document, or start an application?

When executing Show desktop command, goScreen temporarily moves all application windows aside, then, once another window becomes active, moves them back.