Virtual Desktop Manager for Microsoft® Windows

About author.

My name is Андрей Гурьянов (Andrei Gourianov). I was born in Russia. Ages ago I graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Then, few years later I got a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

After several year of developing of numerical algorithms and mechanical analysis applications I went into "pure" software developement - maybe because I found it to be more interesting than mechanics.

Since 1997 I live and work in North America.

GoScreen was created in 1998. Since the first time I saw (and worked with) "pager" in FVWM desktop window manager for X Windows I wanted something similar in Microsoft Windows world. The idea of how could I implement this came to me in spring of 1998, and after several weeks of experiments and intensive development goScreen 1.0 was published. I must say that FVWM gave me only initial inspiration. GoScreen has already evolved very far from that initial idea.

GoScreen is not my primary business - I have a lot of other things to do. Still, goScreen is fun, and I am not going to abandon this project. Since it makes my own everyday work so much better organized, I hope it could be useful for you as well.

Being the sole author of this product, I am also the only one, who provides the technical support. I do try to answer all emails as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours. So, if you have not received a reply in two or three days, it probably means your email has been lost somehow. I would also suggest checking your spam filters - maybe they have filtered my reply out.

GoScreen's features and interface design reflects primarily my own vision. Still your feedback - questions, comments, and concerns - always was and remains an important source of ideas of how to improve it. If you come up with a feature idea, another/better way to accomplish a task, or want to provide me with general comments I want to hear from you.


While I am the sole author and developer of goScreen, there is one very important part of this project though, brought to you by others - translation of goScreen's user interface into other languages. These people, despite their busy schedules, do a fantastic job maintaining their translations up-to-date. I very much appreciate their invaluable contributions.